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Release 3

This is the binary for the third release of QuakeDS
This is the binary for the build which supports infrastructure-mode networking
quakeds_exram_271007_r3.zip This is the binary for the build which uses the built-in memory found on some flash cards
Source for the third release of QuakeDS
The config file that I use to run the game with. A regular PC one will do, but I know that this one works :-)
DOS shareware version
Shareware version of the DOS version of Quake - contains shareware pak files needed to run QuakeDS
Quake source id's page of game source
DLDI for libfat
Chishm's flash card driver page - you need the appropriate file from this page in order to make QuakeDS run

How to play

How to start the game has not changed - if you've played before, just replace the executable with a new one.
This mini-guide assumes that you are familar with the process of running homebrew on your Nintendo DS. If you don't know how to run NDS homebrew, look online for the answer...
  1. You need Quake's data files. If you own a copy, that's cool - you'll have full access to the game. If not, then you can download the shareware version of Quake (for DOS) from id's site. This will only allow you to play the levels from the first episode. If you want to play the full game, buy a copy - don't ask me (or others) where you can get these files.
    You cannot use total conversions or mods with the shareware data files.
    1. In the root of your flash card, make a directory named id1
    2. If you're using the shareware version, copy pak0.pak from that archive into the id1 directory that you just created
    3. If you're using a commerical version, copy pak0.pak AND pak1.pak into that directory
  2. You need a config file to tell the game how buttons are set up, etc. I know that my config file works, so download that from the link above and save it into the id1 directory.
  3. Visit Chishm's DLDI page (above) and download the DLDI driver file which corresponds to your NDS booting method.
  4. Download the QuakeDS binary package above, and extract the NDS file into the root of your flash card
  5. You now need to patch that program so that it will be able to access the files on your card
    • For example, on my GBA Movie Player (CF) I download the file named 'mpcf.dldi' from Chishm's page.
    • I then run 'dlditool mpcf.dldi k:\QuakeDS.nds' - note K: is the volume where my Compact Flash card is mounted, yours will likely differ
  6. Now do what you've gotta do to make an NDS start on your card
    • For example, on my GBA Movie Player, I need to rename K:\QuakeDS.nds to K:\_boot_mp.nds
  7. Put the card in your booting hardware and turn on your DS!
Here is an excellent video tutorial by CalcProgrammer showing you how to install pre-release 2 - the method is still the same for release 3.